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Solutions Engineer & Frontend Developer

Hey Welcome! to my personal website. I'm a Frontend Developer and Solutions Engineer, passionate about Web3. Skilled in DevRel and Tech Support, I turn tech challenges into simple solutions. Ready to collaborate and innovate in the digital world.

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What i do.

As a Solutions Engineer and Frontend Developer , I excel in simplifying complex tech into intuitive solutions. Specializing in DevRel and Tech Support , I leverage strong communication skills with technical expertise, driving impactful projects globally. Committed to advancing blockchain and digital identity , I'm ready to transform your tech visions into reality.

Here are a couple of the technologies I utilize in my development.

  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Node
  • React
  • AWS
  • NextJS
  • Solidity
  • Linux

Places i’ve worked.

Over the past years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with various exceptional firms, where I honed my skills and talents. These experiences have left an indelible mark on me. I'm now eagerly seeking my next venture in the industry.

Solutions Engineer (Blockchain & Identity) #Polygon Labs Technology

July 2022 - Feb 2024

  • Collaborated with Business Development and Technical Sales in the development of the PolygonID ecosystem from ground up, providing solutions, support, and use-case demos, alongside pre- and post-sale consultations.
  • Offering support, solutions and technical documentation on blockchain related issues related to Polygon's suite of solutions
  • I collaborated with the documentation team to overhaul the outdated PolygonID documentation, transforming it into a comprehensively revised version . This update significantly simplifies the complexity of the previous documentation, making integration a seamless process
  • Immersed myself in Polygon solutions (POS, zkEVM, CDK, PolygonID), delivering solutions and technical support to developers and partners (e.g., SAFE, CircleCI, Verida, Flipkart, Guild, etc.), along with pre- and post-sale consultations.

Some of my works.

Take a look at some of the work I`ve done in the areas of freelancing, open source, corporate projects, and even case studies.

#01 CDEnv

cdEnv is a safe, self-hosting system for storing keys and variables for various environments and projects. It has an HTTP API and a command-line interface that makes it simple to use.

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#02 MerkleMe

The idea behind this project is to abstract away the Merkle tree process and simply provide a front end solution that allows anyone to copy + paste their whitelist into a form and click a button to automagically generate their Merkle Tree.

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#03 Jufopay

People may use the JufoPay website and mobile app to pay bills and transfer money to any bank account in the country. From the ground up, I planned and implemented the platform's front-end development.

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#04 Angry Arabs NFT

As a freelancer, I created an NFT minting website. Next JS is used to create the frontend, which interacts with an ERC721 smart contract.

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Angry Arabs NFT blog

I write dev related things from time to time!

Say hi!

In my spare time, I enjoy experimenting with new JS frameworks, even though I may never use them, and I also enjoy customizing my linux desktop environment. So please feel free to send me a message on any of my social media accounts or send me an email.